Event – School Survey For Prospective OTA

To ensure that the school will be assisted in accordance with the expectations of donors, GNOTA conducts school surveys in the areas of Bogor and Serang.

SDN Bojong Koneng 04, Karang Tengah 04 and Jampang 01 located in Bogor, West Java became the first school survey target. By visiting the school and discuss with the Principal, we can find out more about the condition of the school there.

After in Bogor, GNOTA Team continued the survey at three schools in Serang, Banten, the following day. SDN Petir 2, Sanding 2 and Pajarakan. The same thing is done to find out the condition of the school including the students in it. The survey results will then be reported to prospective donors to be considered, which schools will be visited, as well as symbolizing the handover of assistance provided by donors.

Let’s support GNOTA in helping underprivileged children to continue their education, for better education in Indonesia.

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