What is GNOTA?


The National Movement for Foster Parents (GNOTA) is a non-profit, independent and transparent social organization established on May 29, 1996. It is a national initiative by the community to safeguard children across Indonesia to receive the education they need as a solid foundation for a better future.


Since 1996 up until now GNOTA has distributed more than 2,3 million packages and funds to help children from less fortunate families so that they able to go to school and accomplish their elementary education.


The Government’s Nine Years Compulsory Education Program (Wajardikdas) shows the government’s commitment to ensure that children must received at least the basic education. The fact is, although public school tuition fees are now free and students no longer need to buy textbooks and reading materials we still see hundred of thousands of children dropping out of school because of the economic conditions of the family.


Through GNOTA, foster parents provide school uniforms, shoes, books, pens and pencils, school bags, and other school tools to help the children focus on their education. These simple things are often overlooked yet have an abundant impact in making children more able to stay in school.

Our History

May 1996

GNOTA was launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on May 29, 1996 in Semarang, central Java and this movement was immediately followed simultaneously in other 27 provinces.


GNOTA was launched to support the Indonesian Government’s Compulsory Primary Education Program (Wajardikdas) for primary education of 6 years. In 1994, it was increased to 9 years for primary and junior secondary education.

August 1996

On August 20, 1996 GNOTA became an institution as an effort to raise awareness and encourage society to join in reshaping the nation’s future by providing education opportunities to less-fortunate children.

November 1999

On November 10, 1999 the GNOTA Institution is upgraded and legalized to a Foundation.

November 2006

On November 20, 2006, the GNOTA Foundation Instution adjusted their Charter to align with the Regulations no. 16 Year 2001 about Foundations and Regulations No. 28 Year 2004 about Amendment of Regulations No. 16 Year 2001 about Foundations.

Vision & Mission

Our foundation focuses on 2 (two) things, Education and Humanity. In both these areas, we would like to increase the awareness and the social responsibility regarding the limited resources of the Indonesian Government’s Compulsory Primary Education Program. By sharing this awareness, we encourage the community to be more concerned about the quality of the Primary Education as the foundation for further education and together may take action to guarantee the continuity of the Primary Education for Indonesian children, especially those in remote areas.

We are actively engaged in supporting the equalization and completion of the 9 (nine) year Indonesian Government’s Compulsory Primary Education Program . By continuously socializing GNOTA, we can also develop, increase and share concerns, roles and make a community tradition to be Foster Parents.


By gathering and integrating the available resources and the community’s funds, we can help to ensure the education continuity of children from poor families, disable parents and those who live in remote places to experience and learn the compulsory primary education. We make it easier for foster parents by collecting and providing accurate data about foster children candidates, current foster children, foster parent candidates and current foster parents.


The GNOTA foundation is a professional, independent, reputable and responsible social organization with a wide network and partnerships, starting from the central government to the villages all across Indonesia.

Behind GNOTA

Head Chief

Gendis Siti Hatmanti

``We believed that all Indonesian children earned the rights to have an adequate education therefore it is become our responsibility together``.


Yasinta Widowati

``Indonesian children should be introduced with many kind of professions available nowadays to encourage them to reach their hopes and dreams.``


Fitri Sulaiman

``If not us, who else? If not now, then when``?

Partner & Contributor

Our Programs

How We Works

Good intentions and financial resources alone do not bring about social change. To reach these children and contribute a meaningful impact, we must come together as a unity to work together for a common purpose.


GNOTA embraces local and national organizations in partnerships and lobbies legislative bodies with the power and vision to start taking our children’s education more seriously.


By providing a small amount of 250.000 IDR per year for elementary and 300.000 IDR per year for junior high, foster parents can help build a better future for our nation’s children.


Annual Reports

You can read and download our annual reports here.