Indonesian Children Potency

Smart, Passionate and Cheerful


Indonesian children are great potential human resource, they are the future candidate of our leader who smart, passionate and cheerful. A potency which had to be nurse and develop further.


Every minute approximately 4 child has to dropout school (Education Ministry data 2012). Only with our helping hands we can help those children to attend their school so they can fulfill their dreams.


Continuous and evenly distribution of donations are mandatory in order to help our children in completing their education.

Our Achievements


Year Dedication

May 29th, 1996 in Semarang central Java, GNOTA was launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to support the 6 Year Basic Education Program. This movement was immediately followed simultaneously in other 27 provinces.



Since 1996, GNOTA has distributed more than 2,3 millions of donation packages and funds to help the less fortunate families to support their children in completing their education.


Foster Child

For 23 year of our dedication, GNOTA was able to support approximately 187.253 school over all provinces of Indonesia, thanks to all contributions of foster parents, partners, and professional management.


Achieving Their Dreams


GNOTA as independent social non profit organization with good coordination and always transparent, has been participating actively in gathering educational donation and maintain continuous distribution of donation for Indonesian children ability to finish their 9 years compulsory basic education and achieving their dreams.