Frequently Asked Questions

“What is GNOTA?”


The National Movement for Foster Parents (GNOTA) is a non-profit, independent and transparent social organization established on May 29, 1996. It is a national initiative by the community to safeguard children across Indonesia to receive the education they need as a solid foundation for a better future.


For 20 years, GNOTA has distributed more than 2,3 million packages and funds to help children from poor families so that they can go and still stay in school.

”How do I become a GNOTA foster parents?”


You can become a GNOTA foster parents by:


  1. Register directly to GNOTA office; or
  2. Register in this website.
  3. Automatically become foster parents by making a donation with GNOTA.

”How do I make a donation?”


Visit our office anytime to make direct donation, or donate through these accounts:


Foster Parent Accounts
You can use this account if you are a registered Foster Parent in GNOTA.

BCA: Acc No. 035-3118-045 a/n Yay Lembaga GNOTA, (Swift Code : CENAIDJA)

Mandiri: Acc No. 103-000-170845.8 a/n Yayasan Lembaga GNOTA, (Swift Code : BMRIIDIJA)

BRI: Acc No. 0230-01-000586.308 a/n Orang Tua Asuh GNOTA Pusat, (Swift Code : BRINIDJA)


General Donations Accounts
These accounts can be used to support the operations of GNOTA.

BCA: Acc No. 035-3157-555 a/n Yay Lembaga GNOTA

Mandiri: Acc No. 0700-0011-57697 a/n Yayasan Lembaga GNOTA


Zakat (Alms) Account
This account is managed by a syaria-based financial institution.

Mandiri Syariah: Acc No. 7.666.333.777 a/n Yayasan Lembaga GNOTA

Donation confirmation can be made through by sending transfer note to:


  • Faximile (62-21) 576 4442
  • Email to
  • SMS to 0817 017 3900, type eg. budi 10 SD 1.980.000 2/2/2012
  • Filling confirmation form in this website. Confirm Donation

”How much is the donations?”


You can submit your donation according our donation packages as shown below:


  • IDR 250.000/year, for a foster child in elementary school.
  • IDR 300.000/year, for a foster child in junior high school.
  • Other packages, more info.

”How do GNOTA use my contributions?”


Your donation will be given to the chosen foster child in the form of educational assistance through the School Principal.


The school principal will meet with the school committee and discuss which of the items are urgently needed by the child. Upon agreeing they will have to get the acknowledgement of the local authority.


Educational assistance in accordance with the request of the foster parents will be distributed using PT Pos Indonesia to the foster children referred by the school Principal.


Children who receive the contribution must sign a receipt (E2 Form) to confirm that it has been received.


E2 Form will be deliver to GNOTA office.

”How do GNOTA make a report?”


Proof of acceptance is sent to the GNOTA Foundation Office, in which GNOTA will then forward it to the respective foster parents. We keep a clean record of your donation, for 20 years our book record is yearly audited by a reputable Accounting Firm.