Social Fair & Social Work Day

In order to welcome new students in the 2017/2018 school year, Bina Nusantara International University holds Social Fair Day and Social Work Day. The event, which took place on 11-12 September 2017, involved 25 NGOs located around Jabodetabek, one of which was the GNOTA Foundation. On the first day, Monday (11/9), all NGOs presented their respective organizations. The presentation was carried out in 2 stages, the first was presentation in class and the second was at each booth. Activities in the booth besides receiving students who want to become volunteers and social work practices. The enthusiasm of the new students was very good, as seen from the many who visited the GNOTA booth, even when GNOTA had declared the quota for social work practices was full, students still came to register.

On the second day, Tuesday (12/9), GNOTA and 18 students who have registered, do social work practices at Karet Tengsin Elementary School 01 PG. The activity carried out is to provide an Inspiration Class. On this occasion, the children were invited to make a workshop about the ideals. It is hoped that every child has a high dream for their future. This activity was closed with the appearance of yells from children and students. Thank you Binusian for his inspiration and continue to support GNOTA in helping children from underprivileged families to continue school.

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