72nd Indonesia Independence Day

Yayasan GNOTA has been established since 21 years ago, has a role and continues to participate in educating the nation, actively assisting the government in completing the 9-year compulsory education, which will move into 12 years of compulsory education. Yayasan GNOTA has distributed 2.3 million education and money donation packages to help children from underprivileged families so they can continue their education and complete their basic education.

Celebrating the 72nd Republic of Indonesia Independence Day, GNOTA made a cracker eating competition, entering pencils in bottles, marbles on top of spoons and futsal between existing employees, both women and men. In addition to holding competition activities, the work clothes used were also shades of red and white, adjusting the atmosphere of Indonesia’s independence day.

Thank you donors for helping. Continue to be with us for Indonesia to be better. With the spirit of “Independence”, let’s build this nation together into a great nation, a nation that has good quality education. Merdeka…

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