Event – Damoci Berbagi Kasih in Ramadan

In order to welcome the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, Daan Mogot City (Damoci) held a charity program entitled “Damoci Sharing Love”. Damoci is working with GN-OTA (National Movement for Foster Parents) by giving donations in the form of educational assistance to 100 children. In order to reach more foster parents, GN-OTA also opened a booth at Damoci Marketing Gallery from May 19 to June 10, 2018.

For those who have not been able to become foster parents, they can participate by donating used goods suitable for use at the GN-OTA booth in Damoci which will be used for garage sale, where the results will be donated to GN-OTA foster children.

Symbolic assistance was handed over by Shen Chao as General Manager of Daan Mogot City to Ibu Yasinta Widowati as Secretary of GNOTA Foundation, taking place at the Daan Mogot City Marketing Gallery on Saturday (5/19). The appearance of “Little Police” (Pegadungan 14 Pagi Elementary School), which is a foster child of GN-OTA, made the atmosphere more lively.

Daan Mogot City, as the organizer of the Damoci Berbagi Kasih program will continue to carry out this social activity until nearing the Eid al-Fitr day. This is done as an effort to fill the holy month of Ramadan with a variety of positive activities and can be directly felt by the surrounding community.

Hopefully more companies will be inspired to provide assistance to foster children who need help. Continue to support GNOTA for better Indonesian education.

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