Workshop and Training in Yayasan GNOTA

Yayasan GNOTA collaborates with Professionals Trainer Desra Eka Heryanto, S.E., M.B.A., and Irwan Rudiansyah, S.E., conducts communication and presentation technical workshops and training at GNOTA Foundation office. The event was held on Thursday (5/10) and was attended by all employees of yayasan GNOTA. The board of GNOTA Foundation also attended the workshop and training.

This workshop and training was a CSR and Charity from Mr. Desra and Pak Irwan which were given free of charge to the GNOTA Foundation. It is also as a support for employees of the GNOTA Foundation to be more professional in their daily lives. Thus, the efforts of the GNOTA foundation to support elementary and junior high school students from underprivileged families throughout Indonesia can continue to attend school and complete their 9-year basic education, can be achieved well.

Ibu Gendis as chairman of Yayasan GNOTA expressed her appreciation and thanks for the kindness of Mr. Desra and Mr. Irwan for sharing knowledge with the GNOTA Foundation. Hopefully in the future, we can establish better cooperation.

Thank you, Mr. Desra and Pak Irwan for supporting GNOTA to help Indonesian children not drop out of school.

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