Event – Travel of Hope : PT. Bank QNB Indonesia (SMPN 02 Tarumajaya, Bekasi)

Bank QNB Indonesia (Qatar National Bank) participated in the Travel of Hope GNOTA program on Thursday (11/14), as their CSR program at 02 Tarumajaya Junior High School, Bekasi, West Java. The activity began at 09.00 WIB, with introductions made by GNOTA to students there. The atmosphere became even more festive when a question and answer session was held about their ideals.

Followed by storytelling delivered by kak Aio who is an international storyteller and author of books from Kanchil and the Magic Fairy Tale. Kak Aio delivered the topic, “The Importance of a Savings” for children at 02 Tarumajaya Junior High School. He teaches how to set aside some of our money to save, for future needs.

After that, self-introduction from employees of PT. bank QNB Indonesia that participated in the day’s activities. To support the topic delivered by kak Aio, PT. Bank QNB Indonesia also distributed canned piggy bank with the hope that students could realize their savings activities.

They also invited students to clean the class. Activities start from sweeping, cleaning windows, tidying books in the closet, mopping and cleaning the blackboard. So that, children can learn to be disciplined in maintaining class cleanliness.

The event was closed with a photo session. Thank you to kak Aio and PT. Bank QNB Indonesia for participated in the Travel of Hope program for SMP Tarumajaya 02, Bekasi, West Java.

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