Schools Survey for OTA Candidate

GNOTA conducted school surveys at several schools in the Greater Jakarta area. The target is in Bogor, SDN Bojong Koneng 05, SDN Dirgantara in Tangerang and in Bekasi, SDN Pahlawan Setia 03. This is to support one of the prospective OTA programs that want to provide school facilities and infrastructure that really need these facilities, such as MCK facilities, sports fields, libraries, and others.

School surveys are conducted to ensure that the schools that are to be assisted do need these facilities. GNOTA team documents and dialogues with the principal to be able to better understand the condition of the school, as expected by prospective OTAs.

The results of the school survey will be immediately informed to prospective OTA, so that they can ascertain which schools will be assisted according to the criteria they want. Preferably schools that really need these facilities. So that the assistance that will be given becomes useful and on target.

GNOTA always opens opportunities and invites anyone, institutions, foundations, companies or individuals to be able to help education in Indonesia become better. Especially areas that really need. Let us together create great education for Indonesia.

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