“Office NgaJAK Sehat with THE BOTOL SOSRO TAWAR”

Monday (11/12), Jak101FM held the “NgaJAK Sehat Office” with Botol Sosro Tawar Tea program in the GNOTA office. This activity was attended by all GNOTA employees.

The program began at 1:00 p.m., starting with the main Ichsan self-introduction session from the radio announcer Jak101FM as the MC. The program looked even more excited when it opened with the first game “Bottle Flipping Challenge.” Then, a quiz session about the Sosro Bargain tea product. On this occasion, three questions were asked for the GNOTA team to answer.

The last game was “Express Yourself” using the Botol Sosro Tawar tea ad. This game is the most anticipated game for everyone because it requires good creativity and appreciation in expressing themselves. The three participants expressed themselves well. Of course, every participant who participates in games and quizzes gets a cash prize.

The closing session was carried out a photo session between the GNOTA team, Jak101FM team and PT. Sinar Sosro. Thanks to Jak101FM and PT. Sinar Sosro has held the program “Office NgaJAK Sehat” with The Botol Sosro Tawar for GNOTA.

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