GNOTA Assistance Monitoring

GNOTA conducts monitoring of assistance to recipient schools in order to obtain information about the distribution of aid and benefits received by foster children. SDN Meruya Selatan 01 Jakarta is a monitoring destination located in Kembangan, Meruya Selatan, West Jakarta. The school received as many as 43 children on TA. 2016/2017.

The school has received aid funds according to the number of foster children, and has already spent according to the needs of each student in the school. With five foster children represented as beneficiaries, GNOTA conducted a brief interview including the school representatives who received and took care of the assistance provided. The beneficiary children get stationery, uniforms and shoes for their school.

Reporting has been made and returned to GNOTA through POS Indonesia, including the accountability of the use of funds provided and Form E2 receipt of foster children who have signed and stamped, the principal, school committee and local village apparatus. This is done to ensure that aid funds are sent to the time and on target to the recipients in each recipient school

The school and the children who received the aid expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided, and it was very useful considering their school needs could be met. Hopefully they can get more help in the coming school year.

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