Mandiri Tjanting Funday 2017

Mandiri Tjanting Funday 2017 is a collaboration between Bank Mandiri and the Tjanting Batik Nusantara Foundation. Activities carried out on Sunday (9/24) in Alam Sutera were attended by approximately 2,500 runners. In order to enliven the National Batik day, the Tjanting Batik Nusantara Foundation for the second time carried out Tjanting Funday. This activity takes the theme of Cirebon Batik, where Cirebon is the starting place for “Batik Path”.

The event that was prepared was’ Pre Event ‘where Shoe Donation collaborated with GNOTA, Talk Show, Fashion Show, Workshop on “Batik Education”, Culinary F & B, and others that were increasingly diverse and increasingly interesting, and closed with Tjanting Run 5K Event’ & 10 K. Some GNOTA employees also took part in being participants in Tjanting Run 5 K. Currently there are around 400 pairs of shoes, where these shoes will be donated to foster children of elementary schools and junior high schools in the Cirebon area , West Java.

In this activity, GNOTA also opened a booth to socialize the GNOTA program, receive donations and sell GNOTA merchandise. Thanks to the Tjanting Batik Nusantara Foundation, for their support for the needs of foster children in Cirebon.

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