School Visit to Kabupaten Banjar

Yayasan GNOTA got the opportunity to visit several schools in Alalak Padang Village, Kab. Banjar, South Kalimantan, on Monday (18/9). The trip starts from Banjarmasin by traveling for 2 hours by car. The path is quite difficult because the road conditions are small and not on asphalt. Because, to enter the school area you cannot use a car, so the trip continues by using a motorbike for 10 minutes to reach school.

The first visit was to Alalak Padang Elementary School and then to Simpang Empat Junior High School 7 which was located adjacent to the grassland and swamps. At that time the teaching and learning activities were underway, even though the school building was made of wood, where grades 2 and 3 and grades 4 and 5 were made into one class, with plywood as a barrier, but the children seemed to keep on learning.

As usual, the GNOTA team entered several classes in SDN and SMPN and played games about their ideals. Apparently there was one of the 6th graders, namely Soliah, wanting to become a pediatrician. In fact, he has kept “provisions” in order to reach his goals, by doing small things like helping his mother’s father when he was sick and treating his sister when he was injured.

Hopefully this can be an inspiration for Soliah’s other friends to achieve their dreams.

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