Visit Morotai dan Monitoring Ternate

Welcoming the National Education day, May 2, 2017, Yayasan GNOTA hold an event located at SD BPD Filia, Morotai. The school children were very enthusiastic, because the event was held by screening short films about education, giving symbolic sports books and facilities to schools, and also signing the Dream Frame.

The school children participated in the event by offering poetry, traditional dancing the “Tide-Tide”, singing and dancing together. Although the condition of the school building in BPD Falila Elementary School was really concerning, where some classrooms were still made of plywood, with thatched roofs and dirt floors, the children seemed to be still enthusiastic and so active in attending the event. Unfortunately, the event must be closed due to heavy rain.

The next day, GNOTA and the  Indonesian Morotai Help team visited several schools in North Morotai, one of which was SD BPD Loleo Jaya. The trip from Morotai city to elementary school took approximately 2 hours. After arriving, the children have been prepared by the teachers in one class. Apparently, they couldn’t wait to play. Some games were passed with laughter accompanied by the committee’s jokes. Finally after playing, the children were asked to sing some national songs while the event was closed.

After that, Yayasan GNOTA team monitored assistance of donation in Ternate, an area that only took 45 minutes flight from Morotai. There are 2 schools selected to visit, namely SDN 52 Kota Ternate and SDN 45 Kota Ternate. As usual, the GNOTA team came to class one by one and played with students. Also not forget, professional introduction sessions that must be informed to students early, so that they have dreams and try to reach them early

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