Event – Travel Of Hope: GUIM (UI Depok)

Along with the Garage Sale for Hope held on Friday (23/3), Gerakan UI Mengajar (GUIM) of the 7th generation also held an event with GNOTA, following the Travel of Hope GNOTA at the University of Indonesia (UI) Depok, West Java.

By inviting foster children from SDN Ganesa Satria, Depok, totaling 28 people, this event lasted for 2 hours and was filled with interesting games. They looked so enthusiastic about the game that was guided by GUIM’s foster brothers who were divided into groups.

Each group is filled with different games, such as moving a ball from a plastic cup, jumping and stepping with a cardboard box, moving water from the bucket to another bucket and some other games. Games that involve physical and compactness of each group are always filled with laughter and sentences of encouragement to foster children so that they can complete each game well.

Continue to support GNOTA with a variety of positive activities, one of which is by inviting school children to be able to do activities outside of school and play games that motivate them to be able to think actively and creatively. Thank you GUIM.

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