Event – National Children’s Day

In celebrating National Children’s Day which fell on July 23, GNOTA held an Edutrip Company activity held in Jakarta Smart City, DKI Jakarta City Hall.

In this activity, GNOTA invited SDN 01 Cikini and 25 students to participate in this activity to broaden their knowledge and experience. The students who took part were 5th and 6th grade students and two teachers as peddlers. they were picked up using the Blue Bird fleet at school in the morning and immediately left for the JSC office at City Hall.

Arriving at the City Hall, the participants immediately entered the JSC meeting room and got material from Ms. Geovani and her friends about what JSC did to make Jakarta even better. They use technological sophistication in processing data, conveying information and getting complaints from the public directly.

Various videos were displayed during the presentation of material, ranging from 7 channel video complaints, the making of the MRT in Jakarta, as well as an introduction to JSC videos such as their vision, mission and duties. In addition, JSC also provides experience to participants to see and directly supervise the flow of transportation in Jakarta through CCTV installed along the road with thousands of cameras.

One of the activities of students at JSC was that after the presentation of the material was completed, there was a quiz given, one student from SDN 01 Cikini got a memory bag from JSC because he dared to ask based on the video that had been played before.

About 1 hour of giving material at JSC, the participants returned to school, with the holding of this activity it was hoped that the students would gain new insights, experiences and knowledge about Jakarta Smart City. Thank you to Jakarta Smart City for holding this activity and also Blue Bird for the support that has been given to GNOTA so that this activity can be carried out well.

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