Event – Garage Sale For Charity May 2018

Garage Sale for Charity GNOTA was again held on Thursday (31/5), at the GNOTA Office, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. In addition to branded children’s and adult clothing items, pants, skirts, books, shoes, sandals and more, there are also baby and children toys available.

A few moments before the Garage Sale was opened, visitors were crowded in front of the entrance which was still closed. And at 10:00 a.m. when the door opened, visitors immediately entered and hunted down what they wanted to be able to choose and take home. In addition to visitors who are around the Mega Kuningan area, many visitors come from outside the Mega Kuningan area, because information through social media is widespread. They see, choose and finally buy according to the needs they are looking for.

Brands of goods sold are quite diverse, while the prices offered are relatively cheap. All goods sold are donations from the public. This is what attracts the public to take part in shopping while donating to GNOTA. Sales proceeds collected more than Rp. 19 million And all proceeds from the sale will be used to help foster children at the primary and junior secondary level, from underprivileged families.

GNOTA opens the opportunity for people who will donate goods to use, to be collected and sorted for resale at the next Garage Sale for Hope GNOTA event. #GaregaSaleGNOTA

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