Event – Garage Sale For Charity GNOTA (March 2018)

GNOTA (National Movement of Foster Parents) again held a Garage Sale for Charity on Friday, (23/3). Located in the Mega Kuningan Area, Garage Sale GNOTA sells a variety of secondhand items donated by the community, such as clothing, bags, shoes, books, dolls, displays, children’s toys and many more. There are also food stands, pempek, drinks and other snacks. Many visitors come and shop at GNOTA Garage Sale for Charity and the results collected are more than 30 million rupiah. The entire proceeds of the sale will be donated to GNOTA Foster Children.

Garage Sale for Charity GNOTA is opened from 10.00 – 18.00 WIB. Since morning the buyers have come to shop. The items sold are pegged at cheap prices, starting from Rp. 5,000, – up to more than Rp. 100,000. These items come from community donations that have been collected since January 22. Buyers can find branded and local items with good quality. Until 18:00, Garage Sale visitors still arrived, both men and women.

It is hoped that people will be more enthusiastic to participate in the next Garage Sale for Charity. GNOTA Foundation expresses its deepest gratitude for the support of the people who have succeeded in this charity event. All the money raised will be allocated to GNOTA foster children so that they can continue their education. See you at the next GNOTA Foundation event.

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