Event – With Uztad Erick Yusuf

GNOTA Foundation held an iftar together with employees and management, on Thursday (7/6), at the GNOTA office. It has been a few years, Uztad Erick Yusuf always filled the Ramadan prayer with GNOTA. This time Uztad Erick Yusuf gave tausiah how we should always love God in ways in accordance with the existing Shari’a. Love with Allah SWT, makes us able to get closer to Him and facilitate all matters that will be do.

Starting with silaturahmi, listening to tausiyah, then praying together before opening and then breaking the fast, with takjil already available, closed with Maghrib prayer in congregation. Followed by a dinner together with Padang cuisine, as well as ramah tamah together, in the lobby of the GNOTA office, Jakarta.

Hopefully it can be reunited with Ramadan next year. And this activity can continue to be held to establish good relations between all employees and management. Thank you Uztad Erick Yusuf, for silaturahim and tausiah given.

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