H3 Jakarta

The Association of Public Relations Hotel Indonesia Jakarta (H3 Jakarta) on Wednesday (14/6) held an iftar event with H3 Jakarta members, media crews and 22 foster children from SDN Cikini 02 Jakarta and SMP Plus Daarul Jannah, Tangerang. At the event, 22 foster children received Lebaran parcels including prayer and schools equipment. Children feel very happy to get the parcel given.

In Academic Year 2017-2108, H3 Jakarta provided educational assistance to 22 foster children consisting of 11 children in SDN Cikini 02 Jakarta and 11 children at SMP Plus Daarul Jannah, Tangerang. The number of 22 foster children is in accordance with Jakarta’s H3 age, which this year is 22 years old.

Thank you H3 Jakarta, we hope that as you get older, more and more foster children are helped from underprivileged families, so they can continue their education to a better level.

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