The Inauguration of GNOTA’s New Website

At the same time with Kartini’s Day on 21st of April 2017, GNOTA inaugurate the newly design, user friendly and accurate website. This inauguration is signed by the activation of the server button and cutting tumpeng tradition by GNOTA’s chairman Mrs Gendis Siti Hatmanti. With the theme of “Kartini’s Spirit in the Era of Information” It is expected that people would influenced by Kartini’s perspective on education, because with good standard of education we could elevate our nation’s future.

Through this renewal website, GNOTA greatly hope that it will makes it easier for foster parents to help Indonesian children to get 9 years basic of education and no more dropping out from school.

Beside the inauguration of GNOTA’s website, the staffs also celebrated Kartini’s day together by wear Kartini’s day costum and held some games together. #HappyKartinisDay

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