Garage Sale For Charity Juni 2017

Garage Sale for Hope was held again on Friday (9/6), at Yayasan GNOTA Office, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. In the event, there were children’s and adult branded clothing items, pants, skirts, books, shoes, sandals and more, even baby and children’s toys available.

Brands of goods sold are quite diverse and the prices offered are relatively cheap. All goods sold are donations from the public. Shopping while donating to GNOTA is the main attraction for the community. Sales proceeds collected more than Rp. 35 million. And all proceeds from the sale will be used to help foster children at the primary and junior secondary level, from underprivileged families.

GNOTA invites people who will donate goods that are suitable for use, to be collected and resold at the next Garage Sale for Hope GNOTA event. #GarageSaleGNOTA

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