Event – Continuous Donation From Civitas Akademika UMB

2018, the 6th year of Civitas Akademika of Mercu Buana University continues to help foster children through GNOTA Foundation. The event took place on Wednesday (23/5), at the Auditorium Room, UMB Campus, Meruya, West Jakarta. Secretary and Trustee of GNOTA attended the occasion. Also present were representatives of foster children from SDN Meruya Selatan 06, along with their accompanying teachers.

Bapak Arissetyanto Nugroho, Dr, MM as the Rector of UMB handed over symbolic assistance to the Chairperson of the GNOTA Board, Ibu Gendis Siti Hatmanti. Assistance worth Rp. 63,750,000, – intended for a number of elementary and junior high school children in several parts of Indonesia, and will soon be distributed to TA. 2018/2019.

The symbolic series of assistance was closed with a photo with the children, teachers and Civitas Akademika of UMB and the distribution of the Ramadhan gifts to the representatives of the foster children present. Thank you to foster parents of UMB Academicians for their support in improving the quality of children in terms of their education to achieve a better future. Hopefully they can become a great successor to the nation.

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