Event – Continuous Assistance from Foster Parents

The annual program, which has been carried out continuously so far, always gives motivation and enthusiasm to schools and children who receive assistance so that they can improve learning for better results.


Bapak H. Ferdiansyah, SE, MM one of the foster parents of GNOTA, continued education assistance in the West Java region, specially in Tasikmalaya and Garut. 2017/2018 school year, continuous assistance is given for 68 AA for SD (equivalent) and 339 AA for SMP (equivalent). The total assistance provided is more than Rp. 108 million, for a total of 407 foster children.


Symbolic the handover of assistance in Tasikmalaya was held on Friday (23/2) and in Garut, Saturday (24/2) by Bapak H. Ferdiansyah, SE, MM to each representative of the Foster Children and the Principal of the school beneficiaries in West Java. Present were representatives from GNOTA, Executive Secretary, Yasinta Widowati and representatives from Yayasan Psikologi Unggulan Indonesia (YPUI).


On the same occasion, YPUI provided assistance for guava and soursop plants for every school that was present at the symbolic event. Through the provision of seeds of this plant, YPUI wants to invite foster children and schools to re-do the reforestation on the school grounds. And hope the results of this plant can be enjoyed by all school members.


The performance of children from a number of recipient schools showed rich and diverse regional arts, and a variety of their creativity. There is a hidden talent that must be nurtured and developed for a better future. Activities that are almost held every year are more familiar as in a large family. There was cheerfulness from all who attended the event


Thank you Bapk H. Ferdiansyah, SE, MM and YPUI for the educational assistance and cheerfulness that has been provided so far, for Indonesian children to be better.

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