One Action For Lombok

The 7.0 SR earthquake that has rocked our brother on Lombok Island NTB on Sunday (07/29/2018) has left a deep wound for Indonesia. NTB is currently tackling. The latest data dated 08/08/2018 from the Information Data Center and Public Relations of BNPB states that at least 131 people died, 1,477 were seriously injured, 42,239 houses were destroyed and 458 schools were damaged. The worst areas of the earthquake were West Lombok, North Lombok and East Lombok.

Many of the Lombok NTB children have lost their families, their homes and even their school equipment. These children need to be supported to stay in school. Do not let the earthquake disaster diminish their hopes

GNOTA invites all levels of society, both individuals and groups to help them. Let’s support them to stay in school and complete their 9-year basic education.

One real action from us will be very beneficial for the children of Lombok. Help them to stay in school.

Even the small amount of donations given will be a great benefit for children in Lombok, NTB. You guys can help through by clicking

If not now when? If not you, who else?

Thankyou guys, GNOTA Friends

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